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Having trouble? Go ahead and post an Issue or a Discussion. If you're feeling adventurous, here are some tips for debugging that you can use to get more information.

Immediately after starting, the credential helper checks the GITCREDSTORE_FLAGS environment variable and uses those flags to affect the way it runs. This allows you to enable certain debug features for a single 'git' command and then easily disable them. The flags must be comma-separated, for example "debug,trace".
  • debug - Will launch the Just-In-Time Debugger prompt at the start of execution to allow you to attach a debugger
  • trace - Will trace messages to the Error output

If you are having an issue, try turning the "trace" flag on and re-running the failing Git command. Copy-paste that output (it shouldn't have any passwords, but double-check it for other secrets just in case) into the Issue or Discussion you create.


git push origin master

Or in PowerShell

git push origin master

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