Windows Credential Store for Git

This application is a small helper app designed to follow the git credentials API as defined by the Git Documentation.

Current Version: 1.2
Beta Version: 1.4 Beta


  1. Download the git-credential-winstore.exe application
  2. Run it! If you have GIT in your "PATH" environment variable (if you use GitHub for Windows, or the Git for Windows installer, you should be set), it should just work. If you don't, run 'git-credential-winstore -i C:\Path\To\Git.exe'.


The plan for 2.0 is something like this:
  • Rewrite in a native language like Rust ( to reduce dependencies and start-up time - This may not happen, and even if it does, it doesn't stop us from iterating on the .NET version to develop concepts which will be ported to the new version.
  • Stop using the GUI to prompt for password (to keep the Git interface consistent, use the standard Git prompt)
  • Add support for GitHub 2fa
  • Add support for other OAuth/2fa extensions in a light-weight model
  • Drop support for WinXP


Why doesn't it work?

Make sure you're running the latest version of Git for Windows (formerly known as "msysGit"). The credential API is fairly new. I've tested this on version 1.7.10.

Why doesn't it install?

Make sure you're running with GIT on your PATH (perhaps by running from the GIT bash shell), or you've used the "-i" option to specify the location of Git

Eeeeeeeeek! Why is there a message box when I install it! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP! Please?

Thanks to Matt Wrock, we have a silent install option. Pass "-s" (and optionally follow that with the path to Git if it isn't in your PATH) and the helper will be installed without prompts!

Where are you storing my credentials?

This app just uses the existing Windows Credential Store to hold your credentials. You can see the stored credentials by going to Control Panel > User Accounts > Credential Manager and choosing "Windows Credentials". The entries starting "git:" are from git-credential-winstore.

Why don't I see a prompt for some repositories/remotes?

This helper is only for HTTPS connections, if you are using SSH, the helper won't run.

I have another question?

That's not a question.

But I actually have another question...

Ok, you can email me, tweet me or post an issue in the Issue Tracker section.

I don't want to use it anymore! How do I remove it?

I don't understand the question. Why would you want to remove this excellent tool? Ok, just kidding. To detach the credential helper from Git, run:

git config --unset --global credential.helper

Then, you can delete the GitCredStore folder from your %AppData% folder.

Special Thanks

We have many contributors! See their contributions in the file!


This code is Copyright Andrew Nurse and other contributors 2012. You are hereby granted a license to use the software and code under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0

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